Vojtech Barta
Newired, Ostrava

Agile Drawing - Game

We all live in the Agile world, and most of our projects are Agile, or we are on our way there. 

However, we often forgot about the fact we are only humans, and as humans, we have feelings, emotions and these are very important, may be more important than the rational part of us. 

I will play a game with you to show you several situations we are all familiar with, and I would like to analyse how do you feel in these situations and what should we care about to understand how to make our Agile projects easier and us happier. 

This workshop does not require any special drawing skills and I promise you it will be a lot of fun. The only requirement is you need to cooperate with me and play the game.

Also, you can then play this game with your teams later to take it in the context of your situation.

Уровень сложности
Мастер-класс (1 ч 30 мин)


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