Сергей Докучаев
Тензор, Yaroslavl

Automation of finding memory leaks in JavaScript

In the era of Single Page web applications, memory leaks in JS have become a real curse. Usually, this problem is considered from the side of development and describes a way to analyse existing leaks. And what if you need to identify such issues in advance in a huge application? 

In this talk, I will talk about how we test our products for memory leaks:

  • consider the traditional approach with DevTools and three snapshots technique; 
  • take a closer look at autotests that test scripts for leaks using Selenium and the Chrome Debugging Protocol; 
  • analyse memory leak through memory-infra when even DevTools is powerless; 
  • analyse access logs to find critical problems with memory leaks.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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