XVI International Conference of Software Quality Assurance «Software Quality Assurance Days»
7-9 November 2013. Львов



4th International BAistanbul Conference (December 4, 2018, Istambul, Turkey)
Design Driven Transformation for Innovative, Creative and Digital Business Will Be Discussed at BAistanbul Conference
On the extension of the deadline for submission of talks
Due to the holiday period, we decided to extend the deadline for talk submission to the SQA Days-24, Analyst Days-9 and SQA Days EU-1 conferences.
New payment methods for participation in conferences
We have introduced new payment methods conferences.

SQA Days-14

The 14th Conference «Software Quality Assurance Days» will hold on November 7-8-9, 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine.

This time we invite you to visit the cultural capital of Ukraine - the city of Lviv. In addition to traditional communication and sharing of best practices this is an opportunity to visit the ancient city with beautiful architecture and rich history.

This is an opportunity to get acquainted with the hospitality of the Ukrainian people, the cultural heritage and traditions. And you will learn Lviv community of testers, very active and positive people who are happy to share their experience with you.

We pay your attention, on November 7 an extra day of SQA Days will be held in English only. English-speaking speakers are invited. This is an addition event in scope of the conference. The number of seats will be limited.

SQA Days is the Number 1 Conference in the CIS and one of the major events in Eastern Europe devoted to testing and software quality assurance. Everytime we invite renowned experts of international class as keynote speakers.

The Conference will be held at Arena Lviv


Оригинал отзываSQA Days # 14 conference in Lviv – long live testing! On November 7-9, 2013, Lviv hosted one of the biggest and most popular conferences dedicated to software quality assurance – Software Quality Assurance Days-14. ...
Очень надеюсь что организаторы будут поощрять не только новичков, но и приглашать сильных докладчиков.
Львов - европейский город, вполне на уровне. Тут есть что посмотреть. И отношение к туристам хорошее. Правда да, меню на русском нет - украинский и английский. И, говорят, молодежь по-русски далеко не вся говорит. Но это и понятно - язык учат или потому что он звучит вокруг в детстве, или для жизни потом. А в детстве тут звучит украинский и польский - из телевизора, еще в советское время здесь смотрели польские каналы. А для жизни - английский намного полезнее.
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